Aromatherapy is a creative art of working with plant based essential oils and administering them, usually through massage.  I have also developed a way of working without massage which I call ‘Aromafocusing’.

I have practised Aromatherapy since 1993 and my interest has deepened to encompass working with the essential oils as sacred plant medicine and combining this with the healing of the deep imagination.

In Aromatherapy a blend is tailored especially for you and designed to create a sense of wellbeing and bring your mind, nervous system and body back into harmony and balance. I am particularly interested in the psychological mind/body aspects of aromatherapy and working with the plant essences to help ease stress in the body at a subtle and energetic level.

The blend is usually administered through a full body massage which helps all the body systems to deeply relax.

Please note – If you are seeing me for Psychotherapy I would not also be able to take you on as an Aromatherapy client.

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