I offer Core Process Psychotherapy a leading edge mindfulness oriented therapy that integrates Buddhist psychology and compassion practices, with western psychotherapeutic theory.

Mindfulness has a growing evidence base and is gaining popularity across many fields of psychology.  It is a vital ingredient in Core Process work.  Whilst some of our work will involve you telling your story; you will also be invited to develop conscious attention and tune into your bodily sensations.  This is a gentle encouragement to reconnect to your deeper self and develop awareness to how things change from moment to moment.

Reconnecting to self in this way can help to loosen usual conditioned reactions or patterns of feeling stuck. Past clients have reported a deepening sense of inner space that creates more choice in how they respond to life, as well as a compassionate and more free relationship to themselves and others.

Each relationship is unique.  For some people, our work together is a short journey and for others, it can be a longer voyage. Therapy is not a prescriptive science but rather is dependent on your needs, what you want to explore and achieve in therapy.

My approach is holistic and creative, with an intention to support you to develop embodied awareness, explore and release old patterns. This practice encourages you to deepen compassionspaciousness and authentic presence both to yourself and others.

NB All practicing Core Process Psychotherapists are expected to have an ongoing contemplative or meditation practice. This helps sustain awareness and develop a resonant relational field of presence from which to listen and hold clients at depth.