Eye Movement Integration

Eye Movement Integration EMI is a  ‘Neuro Therapy’ which like EMDR, can be used effectively to help people process memories from acute and longer term traumas. Trauma memories can become frozen into the brain and hard to reach.  The nervous system is a holistic system and Neuro therapies are being developed because they seem to … Continued

The Sacredness of Water

Part of my practice is to meditate and work with the elements. In this beautiful film Pat MaCabe a Navajo and Lakota activist talks about the sacredness of water that connects us all.

Developing an Emotional Brain

This  short film features Consultant Child Psychotherapist, Graham Music and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist Sue Gerdhardt (Author of ‘Why Love Matters’) It is very helpful in understanding how the our earliest experiences impact our developing brains as babies which shapes our experiences in adulthood. The film makes a strong case for supporting parents to provide a secure … Continued


Today is World Mental Health Day and this article in The Independent ends with the words ‘through the simple power of compassion’. So with that in mind, here’s an offering for compassion, spoken by  Shantideva, Indian Buddhist Sage in 700 A.D. “May I be a guard for those who need protection A guide for those … Continued