Interview on Sky News 17 August 2017

This morning, Sky News contacted me because of my experience as a Trauma therapist having worked at the London Fire Brigade.  I was interviewed by Tom Macleod in relation to a film released by the Fire Fighters Charity raising awareness of PTSD and mental health which highlights the importance of support for individuals and their families.  You can … Continued

What helps to calm you?

This morning, I discovered this very moving piece on the BBC website called ‘Calming Touch’.  In it, ten people share an object that helps with their mental health and they share their stories about their objects.  This is a wonderful example of what therapists call ‘resourcing’. Helping someone to find a resource is a really … Continued

Interview with BBC about trauma and firefighters.

    Yesterday I was briefly interviewed by Victoria Derbyshire on her BBC2 Programme about the sort of experiences firefighters and control staff might experience following attending the Grenfell Tower Fire.  This was based on the London Fire Authority providing up to 60 counsellors to support the active fire fighters and also control centre staff following … Continued

Vicarious Traumatisation

“All emotions are contagious… both the ones that are pleasant and the ones that are unpleasant’’ – Babette Rothschild. For those of us who spend a lot of time listening to other people’s experiences of traumatic incidents, vicarious traumatisation is a well known phenomenon. The established practice of clinical supervision for therapists is a vital component … Continued

Living with Uncertainty

This is a longer article which shares my perspectives on change as a cycle and offers some tips for weathering the stormy seas of impermanence.  During periods of uncertainty or transition it can often feel as if one is caught up in a tornado of constant movement and panic as the mind generates questions, problems … Continued