if you:

Used to love your work and it no longer has any meaning

Feel isolated or unable talk to your colleagues, friends or family

Are responsible for motivating a large team and feel unmotivated yourself

Work in a people focused job and feel tired of listening or no longer care

You may be suffering from burnout and some resilience coaching could help you to reconnect with your vision and passion.

Burnout is a joyless state of exhaustion and usually occurs after a period of prolonged or excessive pressure, where a person has become disconnected from their usual resources or normal routines. It can cause fatigue, lack of enthusiasm, poor judgment, mistakes, depression, anger, resentment or irritability and ultimately affects performance and motivation at work.

At its most serious, burnout can lead to a feeling that life or work is meaningless.  It usually affects people whose job is ‘people oriented’, involves caring or listening to problems.

During times of transition or stress, we adapt our behaviours to help relieve the pressure, for example overworking, over-controlling,  avoiding situations or abusing food, alcohol or other behaviours as a way to regulate stress.

For over 10 years, I have worked with several organisations, providing 1:1 and group support for staff. I have also consulted with and designed resilience and staff supporter training for several organisations.

Resilience is our ability to withstand difficulties and bounce back from them. Support has been found to be one of the key areas for maintaining it.

Resilience Coaching is not the same as psychotherapy.  It is often related to wellbeing at work and involves conversations around your deepest vision and values, what you want to achieve, exploring resources and self-care techniques and practising ways to reignite these in your life again. Coaching may only happen once or twice a month and can be conducted over the telephone or Skype and with email contact between sessions.
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