If you’re an individual or organisation looking for a supervisor to support your work, I offer supervision to experienced and trainee Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Coaches, HR/Training professionals, managers and staff teams.

My approach is informed by mindfulness and I offer a contemplative space where we will hold the work with a compassionate heart.

Supervision as an ongoing practice creates externality, essential for your professional practice.  It is now a formalised ethical requirement of all psychotherapy and counselling professional bodies and coaching organisations.

Each supervision contract is unique, however, for guidance, the following outlines what structure a session might take:

  1. Agreeing the supervision contract and practicals
  2. Creating space to check in
  3. Case presentation of work  or a live issue at work and its impact
  4. Finding the key questions – reflection & exploration of what’s arising
  5. Exploring parallel processes
  6. Integration, future action & close

There are several reasons why supervision is professionally important:

Demonstrating sound quality assurance practices is essential for  ethical practice. The Supervisor’s role is to facilitate, support and challenge,  to help explore what might otherwise stay hidden in the work.

Continuous ‘live’ learning process. An opportunity for valuable feedback and space for professionals to reflect. Whilst it is an especially important learning space for newly trained therapists, it is equally rich for experienced and senior professionals.

Where work may be demanding, supervision provides emotional support and supports an individual to explore avenues for continued resilience to avoid burnout.

I offer individual and group supervision.  The way I practice supervision is through reflective dialogue and mindfulness informed enquiry on what is evoked in the present moment. This is a creative process that can include a number of ways of working.

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