The Power of Attunement

In just a few minutes, this film shows both the power of attunement for an infant and the distress of misattunement.

Dr Edward Tronick’s ‘Still Face Experiment’ demonstrates how important eye contact, mirroring and compassionate presence are to enhance attachment and connection. The neurobiology of connection is vital to an infant’s developing nervous system, their sense of self, agency and inner resources. Our earliest attachment relationships shape our experience and beliefs about the world as either welcoming and exciting or if we have been met with too much ‘still face’ we may believe the world is unfriendly and untrustworthy.

One response to “The Power of Attunement

  1. I love this! Even in this short film the warmth of human endeavour to connect is revealed and the healing qualities of relational connection is conveyed so simply. Thanks Siobhan

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