Becoming a Trauma Informed Organisation

Over the last 15 years my colleague Emerald-jane Turner and I have worked with several organisations to help develop awareness and become more trauma informed.  Being a trauma informed organisation really does make a difference. Several years ago I was contacted by Better Finglas in Dublin. Better Finglas ‘aims to improve outcomes for children and their families in … Continued

In Utero

IN UTERO Feature Film Trailer [01:35] 2016 from Kathleen Gyllenhaal on Vimeo. The film features several pre and perinatal psychologists who were pioneering this important yet much ignored field decades ago. It is an exploration into how our earliest environment creates the first imprint, which encodes our patterns of relating; to ourselves, each other and … Continued

Look Beyond Borders

I came across this film by Amnesty International and wanted to share it here. It is so full of compassion, humanity and wholeheartedness.

Eye Movement Integration

Eye Movement Integration EMI is a  ‘Neuro Therapy’ which like EMDR, can be used effectively to help people process memories from acute and longer term traumas. Trauma memories can become frozen into the brain and hard to reach.  The nervous system is a holistic system and Neuro therapies are being developed because they seem to … Continued