Eye Movement Integration

Eye Movement Integration EMI is a  ‘Neuro Therapy’ which like EMDR, can be used effectively to help people process memories from acute and longer term traumas.

Trauma memories can become frozen into the brain and hard to reach.  The nervous system is a holistic system and Neuro therapies are being developed because they seem to be helpful reintegrating unintegrated memories.

Whist both originate from NLP beginnings,  EMI differs from EMDR because it has a range of 22 eye movements, uses slower movements and draws on all of the sensory modalities e.g. visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, cognitive etc.  I was drawn to training in this tool because it is deeply connected with the other body senses and is slower.

In the video below you can see Stephen Andreas who developed the therapy, demonstrating an EMI session

The therapy work usually begins with an assessment process which may continue over several one-hour sessions.  This is designed to assess if this is the right time in your life to do this work. Sometimes it is important to develop more internal and external resources before using EMI.

Assessment sessions usually last one hour and cost £75.  EMI sessions usually last 90 – 120 minutes and cost £150.  Clients are asked to complete an Informed Consent Form before we begin our work.

If you want to know more about EMI this article might be helpful.

Below is a video of EMI Co-creator Danie Beaulieu, Psychologist and author of the book ‘Eye Movement Integration Therapy: The Comprehensive Clinical Guide (Crown House Publishing 2003) presenting at a conference (Note contains some of the above clip of Stephen Andreas).

EMI sessions are offered in Bath by prior appointment only.

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