Interview on Sky News 17 August 2017

This morning, Sky News contacted me because of my experience as a Trauma therapist having worked at the London Fire Brigade.  I was interviewed by Tom Macleod in relation to a film released by the Fire Fighters Charity raising awareness of PTSD and mental health which highlights the importance of support for individuals and their families.  You can watch it here:


I said it is important to provide support and psycho-education for individuals and also to provide information for families to help them recognise the signs, should someone be struggling with traumatic distress or PTSD.

If after 4-6 weeks someone is exhibiting some of the following, they may be struggling with traumatic stress:

  • nightmares
  • insomnia
  • flashbacks – which may include sound or smell recall or traumatic images as if it is happening in present time
  • mood swings, irritability, anger
  • becoming more withdrawn or isolated
  • depression and /or lethargy
  • increased intake of alcohol

It is important to get support to help process the trauma if symptoms of distress continue after 4-6 weeks following an incident.


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